Services and Fees In House Pet Euthanasia service in Milwaukee

Dr. Barb Rossi has been practicing in the Milwaukee area for over 30 years.  In 2001, she began Mobile Vet Care, a veterinary house call practice.  She has closed MVC to new clients but  will continue to offer euthanasias to anyone who needs it for their pet. In House Pet Euthanasia service in Milwaukee


Dr. Rossi can take your pet afterwards, but it isn't required.  She works with Pet Lawn Cemetery, a local Milwaukee company.  They provide either a private cremation, where your pet would be returned to you by Dr. Rossi or a group cremation where the cremains would be buried at the pet cemetery. In House Pet Euthanasia service in Milwaukee

Paw Print- A nice remembrance

Dr. Rossi can do a personalized paw print with you pet's name afterwards and leave it with you.  Cost $20.00


Euthanasia:                                                                                Cremation:

Cat:            $160                                                                            Cat:          Private:   $210.    Group:  $110

Dog (1-100 lb):  $160-220.                                                    Dog:         Private:  1-100lb:  $220.   Grooup:  $120-180

Over 100 lb:  $220 plus $2 lb over 100  lb                      Over 100 lb: same, ex: 150lb=$220 plus $100=$350



Regular hours:   Seven days/week:  6:00am-Midnight

After hours calls gladly accepted but additional fees from $40-50 apply.


No credit cards, please.

Cash, personal check or money order accepted.